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End of the road for Nathan Buckley, Collingwood’s beloved nearly-man

Right to the last, it was painted as a marriage made in heaven.

Even as Nathan Buckley’s departure from his beloved Collingwood was being confirmed by way of a stuttering Zoom press conference, his stature as the ultimate Pies man was being protected.

This exit, one seemingly reached by sudden and mostly mutual agreement, was just one more act of devotion to the black and white by the figure who has carried the club’s hopes and dreams throughout three decades.

But when conversations within Collingwood turned to the future, namely the “three-to-five year project” that the club is about to embark upon, there was doubt on both sides as to whether Buckley was the right man to lead it.

The degree to which Buckley acquiesced or was pushed from the position will be debated, but isn’t particularly important. Either way, Nathan Buckley and Collingwood have now cut ties, ending a relationship that we can now say always promised more than it delivered.

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